vrijdag 17 juni 2011

Mad Jacket

Mad Fashion Week s/s 2012

Amsterdam International Fashion Week just released their list of designers for the s/s 2012 event.
Starting on July 13th with Spijkers en Spijkers and Tony Cohen they also have Edith & Ella, INDIVIDUALS  and the annual Hunkemöller show.
Will you be there?


Doesn't everyone love a good initiative?
I know I do. This time ILoveFashionNews came with the fabulous idea to bundle a bunch of bloggers. Beauty bloggers and Fashion Bloggers all together on one page. Take a look and snoop around, but don't forget who got you there !
Go here.

woensdag 15 juni 2011

Mad Timing

When you are least prepared the best things happen. I went to Pinkpop festival in Limburg and bumped into a girl who probably belonged with the three best dressed of the day. No jeans and a shirt. She was wearing a complete outfit, accessories and everything matched perfectly.
Now today, I picked up a new camera lens. (Sigma 24-70mm 2.8) and while in the train back home a girl came sit on the other side. Falling in love with her headphones and gorgeous ring I just had to take some pictures.

zaterdag 4 juni 2011

Mad French

The French Wardrobe.
Who doesn't know it? I sure do and I've been thinking about it again the last couple of weeks. I seem to be lost in a shopping mania and need order in my chaos of a wardrobe.
The French Wardrobe means that every season you may buy 5 fashion items. This doens't include good basics that everyone needs. Some include bags and shoes too but that just won't cut it for me. I need to buy at least 1 bag and 2 pairs of shoes each season. Accessories dont count. Actual clothing will do for me.
What are good basics?
- Blazer
- Trousers
- White shirt
- Jeans
Basics have no limit. Take your time and collect all that you need. On this you can spend a little more money because this will stick around for several seasons if good quality is bought. Also get a good quality black bag. Large or small doens't matter, it has to work for you.
These things are essential but all other can be twisted and shaped for your shopping pleasure. The aim is to spend less money on trends every season but more on basics that you don't have to buy on a regular basis. All to save money. 
Now just hope I'll be able to stick to my plan...

Mad Shopping

Yep that's me. Still very much alive.

Jeans by H&M.

Full view of the jeans.

H&M top.

Trench from a very nice store at Dappermarkt, Amsterdam.