zaterdag 16 juli 2011

Mad Fashion Loving !

The Sheguang Hu fashion show with jewelry from Rodrigo Otazu was absolutely amazing. I was in awe the entire time and couldn't take my eyes(and camera) off the wonderful pieces. Everything just seemed so perfect. The models, the hair, the make-up and of course the jewelry !

Mad Winner

Yesterday was the day of the Frans Molenaar Prijs. An award for new, up and coming designers thinking out of the box and showing great skill. Winner of the afternoon was Magnus Dekker.

Mad AIFW Style Report

Love these people ! Their style and personality.

vrijdag 15 juli 2011


The INDIVIDUALS show by the students of Amsterdam Fashion Institute was no less than mindblowing.  Naming the collection Nature’s Child-Consummatum Est. it was the 11th collection the school was showing. Use of wonderful fabrics and modern but classy silhouttes made the fashion no less than amazing. The models all had different hairstyles and a pretty complex walking choreography which didn't make the overall look too flattering. But that's not most important, most important is that they made wonderful garments one even better than the next.

Mad Fashion Week LAB

Yesterday at Amsterdam International Fashion Week it was time for two designers in one show. Starting off with Winde Rienstra who won the Green Fashion Competition last year. Now she is back and showing us why exactly she was the best then. Amazing fashion and I was in awe.
Next up was Gomes Esser Design. A label for two designers, showing off everything they were capable of. Futuristic designs combined with soft fur. No more to say, it was amazing.

woensdag 13 juli 2011

AIFW has begun!

Amsterdam International Fashion Week has begun and the SIS by Spijkers en Spijkers show was a succes. Everyone was excited for this first show this week and they didn't fail to impress. Their S/S2012 collection 'Bain du Soleil' was a mix of graphic elements, stripes, dots and funky motives made it the ultimate 1920's inspired summer feel.
I loved it, do you?

P.S. Tomorrow I will attend the Winde Rienstra show and deliver the news and other fashion shots soon!