maandag 31 januari 2011

Mad Phone

Oh how I love this phone, just noticed it on Sabrina's Blog afterDRK and completely fell in love.
This lovely phone is for all of us who love a good looking phone but can't figure out all the latest smartphone options.
This is called a John's Phone. Who's philosophy is all about keeping it simple.
They come in white(€69,95), black, brown, green, pink(all €79,95) but also there is a limited edition golden one(€99,95).
Check them all out here!

zondag 30 januari 2011

Mad Show

Last night's Supertrash F/W 2011 fashion show by Supertrash was absolutely amazing. It all started a tad bit late but no one was really bothered as soon as it started. The show began with a black and white viewing of Betty Boop singing which soon evolved into a nice beat to which models walked over the large catwalk. It ended in a large round stage where the models also had to walk around, giving us a little more time to take a good look at the wonderful collection.
Strong outfits with jumpsuits, gorgeous dresses and amazing shirts flew past our eyes. Many brown tones like camel and dark brown and an ending with some all black ensembles.
All together it was a wonderful show!

zaterdag 29 januari 2011

Mad Inspiration

Today at the Supertrash afterparty I got inspired by a few wonderful people. Three of them were kind enough to let me take a picture and here they are. Look at that gorgeous necklace on the first photo, and what about the casual chic outfit's in the second?
Not even mentioning the sublime shirt on the last photo, I was so in awe of this shirt I would almost forget to take a photo.
What are your thoughts on this?

Mad Day Part Two

There you go, thats me right now, ready to go to de "Gashouder" for Fashion Week. Emma is still working on it though ! I just don't take too much time, don't have the patience for it.
lovehugskisses to all those who go tonight and who stay home reading my blog !

Mad Day Part One

Part one of this crazy day. I feel really excited about tonight because this day, is fashion week day. The Supertrash show starts at 9PM and at this moment it is about 1.30pm and I'm waiting for my friend to come pick me up. We have a hotel that is a 15 minute walk from Westergasfabriek that we will go to in a short while.
My tiny suitcase is already packed with make-up, camera, shoes etc etc. And I am dressed comfortably for a one and a half hour car ride.
I'm ready to go and can't wait till it is evening. Will update once me an Emma are dressed and ready to go and then probably tomorrow morning with the photos of the night to come.

woensdag 26 januari 2011

Mad Week

See here, my Supertrash dress for this year's Amsterdam International Fashion Week. I will be attending the Supertrash show and take photo's of a lot of awesome people for you all to see and take inspiration from. Just like I do when I see people with a wonderful sense of fashion.
Will keep you updated !

vrijdag 21 januari 2011

Mad Opening

Above is the new Supertrash store in Amsterdam on Leidsestraat. Yesterday was the opening for this amazing brand store and I was there. The event started at 18.00 and lasted until 21.00. Many fashionistas, BN'ers(well know Dutch people) and other fashion addicts. Within no time the store was filled to the notch with people and it became impossible to move around. This gave us time to look around. The collection had many different styles but all came down to the same vibe.
Olcay Gulsen was present in all her Hollywood glory. Unlike us Dutch people she was dressed in the most perfect dress with a gorgeous updo and the most amazing earrings. Also she was unbelievably nice and even invited me and my friend to the Amsterdam International Fashion Week which is held next week. There'll be an A/W 2011 fashion show and an after-party.
Who else will be there?

maandag 17 januari 2011

Mad Home

My two most beloved dogs, Bouvier Demy(9months old) who refuses to take full figure photos and Shih-Tzu Kira(two years old) who will pose as soon as she sees a camera.
Also the most amazing bonbon dish that we got from my grandma after cleaning out her cabinets. The inside makes is so much more appealing !

Mad Aimee

For the longest time I have been following Aimee's blog closely. She posts photo's of herself in the most amazing clothing. I'd probably die from fashion overdose in her closet. That's why she deserves a special spot on my blog. All go follow Aimee's Song of Style blog !

zaterdag 15 januari 2011

Mad Warm

I adore this coat, it's on a vintage site and not expensive either ! Check the site out here.

Mad Trash

I will be attending the opening of a new Supertrash story in Amsterdam. Excitement comes over me as I think about a night filled with fashion and amazing people.
Then also horror strikes, WHAT TO WEAR???
Leave comments as to what I should wear.

maandag 10 januari 2011

Mad Forever 21

Doesn't everyone love Forever 21??
I know I do though ! I just can't stop loving these two items and they're so cheap! Style doesn't always come at a price!
Boots: $29,80
Head band: $4,80

Mad Minnetonka

These adorable Minnetonka moccasins are just great for both Spring and Summer this year. I personally love a slight hippie look for summer every year and how better to work it than with these reasonably prices (£55.50) from their site right here.

zondag 9 januari 2011

Mad Sweden !

I adore these shoes! I saw them on this amazing Swedish site and instantly fell in love. And they're not even that expensive!
Check the site here.

vrijdag 7 januari 2011

Mad Vintage

I love these items from a vintage store in Eindhoven called Inu4Vintage. They sell wonderful clothing, accessories, shoes and even little things for your house !

donderdag 6 januari 2011

Mad Chanel

How adorable is this dress from Chanel? I fell in love with their Spring 2011 collection.
Which spring/summer line for 2011 did you like best?

dinsdag 4 januari 2011

Mad (fake) Fur

Do you like fake fur coats like this on(from River Island)? I know I do, nothing makes a winter coat like a fake fur one. Instantly it makes you look warm even when you might be freezing.
I own a plain brown one that I match with everything and anything I have in my closet. Lets all enjoy these coats while winter is still here. I might dislike the cold winter weather, I sure do love my coat!

maandag 3 januari 2011

Mad Mango Love

A gorgeous coat. (€129)
An amazing dress. (€79,90)
Don't you just love this patterned shirt? (€24,90)
Wonderful shoes. (€89,90)

Mad Delivery

My first order for this years Spring and Summer. It's all H&M and I fell in love with these pieces as I saw them. This will be my base with the pants from Zara that are showed below. From here on the search for the key pieces will start.