vrijdag 21 januari 2011

Mad Opening

Above is the new Supertrash store in Amsterdam on Leidsestraat. Yesterday was the opening for this amazing brand store and I was there. The event started at 18.00 and lasted until 21.00. Many fashionistas, BN'ers(well know Dutch people) and other fashion addicts. Within no time the store was filled to the notch with people and it became impossible to move around. This gave us time to look around. The collection had many different styles but all came down to the same vibe.
Olcay Gulsen was present in all her Hollywood glory. Unlike us Dutch people she was dressed in the most perfect dress with a gorgeous updo and the most amazing earrings. Also she was unbelievably nice and even invited me and my friend to the Amsterdam International Fashion Week which is held next week. There'll be an A/W 2011 fashion show and an after-party.
Who else will be there?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ja fashionweek is zeker geweldig!
    Wat goed van je, hoe heb je dat voor elkaar gekregen? Wij waren eht gewoon vergeten te vragen tijdens de opening :(
    Mocht je niemand hebben voor AIFW ik bied mij gratis aan haha!:P


  2. Wat leuk dat je bent uitgenodigd door Olcay! Ik zou er ook wel heen willen, maar goed misschien loop ik nog iemand tegen het lijf op de AIFW die me mee kan sleuren;) you never know! hoe laat begint de ST show?;)