zondag 3 april 2011

Mad Heels !

Today I was in Kleve(Germany) to spend a day away from home. Fashion is way behind there and most was suitable for my grandma until I found these amazing shoes! I fell in love with them as I saw them and just had to buy 'em. Still need to practice a little though ! But here comes the twist. You, my precious lovely readers, may choose what style you want me to shoot them in!
Also, how adorable is that little doggie in the car?!? I heard a noise and saw this little car race down the streets but couldn't see quite what was on it. As I saw this little one I just had to take a picture. Love the mohawk!

1 opmerking:

  1. ah die schoenen zijn geweldig!
    Dat gaat sowieso erg gezellig worden, wij wilde dat ook vorig jaar doen en midden juni was het op ons verjaardag kei lelijk weer!!
    Heel veel plezier alvast!!