maandag 23 mei 2011

Mad Dilemma

So sorry for the lack of actual updates guys ! I can't possibly apologize enough for the quietness around my blog. Here's a little idea why:

- School has been kicking my butt with finals coming. Soon I will be a qualified hairstylist.
- I will be a qualified hairstylist
- I still see my friends at school
- No spare time whatsoever

- Photography has been busy with lots of concerts and a festival season ahead of me.
- Great concerts for free.
- Experience in the art of concert photography.
- Evenings are filled with concerts.
- Days are filled with photo editing.

- The dilemma of moving to Amsterdam or staying home.
- Living in the city I love
- Close to my next school
- Finally standing on my own two feet
- Less money to save up for education
- Leaving my family, friends and doggies behind for 5 days a week

So I'm tired and I sprained a muscle in my back which has me tied to the couch for today. Hence the reason I'm finally blogging again.
Ideas and loving words are more than welcome.


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